The Studio

• With about 17m2, isolated and treated acoustically.

• Tuned with solutions presented by Vicoustic.

• Air renovation and acclimatization by Daikin systems.



Sound System

Monitors // Lipinski 707
Amplification  // Monoblocks based on the High-End Technology of Hypex (Custom build for us)
Monitor Controller // Crane Song Avocet
HeadPhones  // Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro
Power  // Furman
Speaker Stands // Mahogany/Marble +/-77Kg each (Especially designed and built for us)

Equalizers & Dynamics

Equalizer // DIY Racked DR-MQ5 (Built with Palazzo Switches and John Hardy 990C+ DOAs)
Equalizer // ATM Bettermaker EQ 232P (Customized with an analog circuit board for equalization in Mid-Side)
Equalizer // TK-Audio TK-Lizer (Bax “ToneShaper” Equalizer with M-S Matrix)
Dynamics // Crane Song STC-8 M
Dynamics // Dave Hill Designs Titan Compressors

Converters & Interfaces

Crane Song Avocet
Crane Song HEDD
Weiss AFI 1

Cables & Connectors

Audio Cables  // SignalCable & Vovox
Jumpers  // Cable QED Xt 400 w/ connectors QED APNX
Power Cables  // SignalCable
Connectors  // Neutrik


Transfer Console // Dangerous Music Liaison
2º Screen  // LG 50″
Furniture // Sterling Modular Plan A (Custom build for us)
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