Mastered for Itunes

ACCAdvanced Audio Coding

AAC (denoted by the file extension .m4a) is a new standart format for compressing and encoding digital audio.
This format (which presents some loss of sound quality) was designed and developed to be the successor of MP3.
AAC achieves the portability and convenience of compressed and encoded digital audio while retaining audio quality avoiding certain extremes which could produce undesirable side-effects in the encoded file.
This technology proves to be a step forward when it comes to delivering the best Musical Records in compressed formats.
There was a lot of Info available on this thus the introduction of the Mastered for Itunes Program, but not everyone realized the importance of the advantages…

Basically, iTunes wants a specific Digital Audio File, a “PreMaster version” of the Musical Record so that they can do the encoding themselves.
The main goal in doing a “PreMastering” for Itunes is to answer any questions related to what the Record is going to sound like.
The Mastering which is the process of creating the delivery media that will allow the audience to access the musical content.

Some of the best advantages are.:

•    It’s encoded from the Highest Resolution file available;
•    Doesn’t use dithering which can cause problems in encoding;
•    Can be decoded to a 24bit file;
•    It sounds better than a MP3 (subjective of course);
•    Allows the mastering engineer more control of the process.

Mastered for iTunes – Apple guidelines

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