Mastering is the last creative and corrective process of a Musical Record, so, it is the last chance that an Artist, Band, Producer or Label has to get the Record to reach its maximum sound potential.

Budget Request

Request a budget from us by filling out our Online form, and get a reply within 24 hours.


Free Mix Analysis

It’s extremely important to get a second opinion of your mixes from someone who has never listened to your Records before and that will analyze them in an impartial way with a pair of fresh ears. We provide this service to anyone interested, in a completely free way.

‘Uploads and Downloads’

Unattended Mastering Sessions require a good contact between the Studio and the Artist. Wasting time creating accounts and sending projects is out of question. So we have an exclusive channel in one of the most honest and safe servers in the World, the WeTransfer. All this without ads, logins and third party ads involved.